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Why Now is the Best Time for Air Conditioner Replacement

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It’s already November and that means that the colder months are just around the corner. If you are thinking about changing your air conditioner because it is in continuous need of repair, now may be the perfect time to change your air conditioner. Here’s why you should call Abilene Air-Tech Inc at Abilene now:

  • Time is of the essence. When the temperature drops to below freezing in December and January, you don’t want to be in a rush to mend your air conditioner when the warmer months come. Do your examination and contact a Abilene Air-Tech Inc professional now before the chill hits and you’re caught with a broken unit when the weather heats up.
  • Replacing your system now could save you money in the future. In some cases, recurrent repair costs for an air conditioner can pile up and end up costing you more than just purchasing a new air conditioner. A good rule of thumb is that if repairs exceed 50 percent of the cost of a new air conditioner, it’s time to purchase a new air conditioner. Think ahead now and lessen your odds of paying more in repairs in the future, especially with the holiday season coming up soon and your wallet preparing for larger purchases.
  • Save money. We’re almost always running some type of offer to help you find the most helpful deal in the Abilene area. Give our team a call at (325) 692-5850 and see what promotions we’re currently running so you can keep your home comfy and potentially save a little money.

Don’t delay until your air conditioner breaks down – we have a variety of selections and can help you find the perfect fit for your home before it’s too late. Contact Abilene Air-Tech Inc at (325) 692-5850 to set up an appointment.


Don't wait until your AC breaks down - get a professional maintenance check now.

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