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General HVAC FAQ

Every region is different but for our region they usually last 10-15 years.


We recommend changing 1 inch filters at minimum every 30 days. If you have a media cabinet with a 4 inch filter every 6 months to a year.

At least once a year to maintain your manufacturer’s warranty.¬† We recommend twice a year before each season to ensure the best performance.

No, adjust the thermostat no more than 3 degrees higher or lower than you normally keep it at.

Abilene Air-Tech FAQ

A seasonal tune up for a residential unit is $120.00+tax.  We also offer a Planned Maintenance Agreement which is where we come out twice a year, one unit $225, each additional unit is $99. Filters are an additional cost.


No, there is no charge for us to come out and give you an estimate on replacing your system or putting in a new system. We will come out for free.

Residential service calls are $125/hr.

Yes, we do offer after hour calls until 10pm and on weekends.

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