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Gas Furnaces and Carbon Monoxide: The Risks and How to Protect Your Family

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Whenever your gas furnace is running, carbon monoxide is being produced. However, there is no reason to worry. It is a natural by-product of the fuel-burning process. As long as your furnace is running properly, it is harmlessly deposited outside your home. Carbon monoxide is kept inside your furnace’s heat exchanger until it is safely pushed through the flue vent to the outdoors. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a product of a malfunctioning gas furnace.

Inhaling too much carbon monoxide blocks the body from using oxygen and can damage the central nervous system and heart. While carbon monoxide poisoning can injure anyone exposed to the gas, it is especially risky for people with existing lung or heart issues, pregnant woman, infants and children. Here are some tips to ease your mine mind and sustain a healthy, comfortable and safe home.

1. Invest in carbon monoxide detectors. Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas that can’t be detected by humans. Without a detector, it’s nearly impossible to perceive carbon monoxide is accumulating in your home. You may be unaware until someone starts showing symptoms of poisoning. Install carbon monoxide detectors on every floor of your home, ideally near bedrooms, to be alerted to rising levels before anyone gets sick.

2. Be sure your gas furnace was installed properly. If your gas furnace wasn’t installed by professionals, you should have it checked. The experts at Abilene Air-Tech Inc can make sure your blower motor is installed properly and that everything looks correct in your ductwork design. Carbon monoxide can build up if there are problems in those spaces.

3. Schedule annual maintenance. Annual maintenance is the best action to take to prevent carbon monoxide leaks from your gas furnace. During a yearly tune-up, the technicians will clean your system and examine it for malfunctions or problems. It’s also a great idea to have any other gas-, coal- or oil-burning appliances professionally checked as well.

4. Keep your air filter clean. A backup of airflow caused by a dusty filter can cause carbon monoxide to leak out of your system. Set a reminder on your phone or mark your calendar to regularly check your air filter and clean or change it per the manufacturer’s instruction.

5. Always count on professionals to repair your gas furnace and other fuel-burning appliances.

Carbon monoxide can be very dangerous, but you can have peace of mind by taking a few meaures. You’ll always have the experts at Abilene Air-Tech Inc in Abilene behind you to help, too. Give us a call at (325) 692-5850 if you have questions or concerns about carbon monoxide or your gas furnace. You can also schedule an appointment using our online scheduler.


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